Tech Tales: A Tech Enthusiast's Journey

Tech Tales: A Tech Enthusiast's Journey

Hello World ! Welcome to my brand new blog ! It's Judicaël AHYI from Earth. Hold on, because this isn't my first time blogging. Back in 2017, I gave it a shot with "H45H3R BLOG" and a "G33K & Tutos" YouTube channel. But why start again in 2024 ? Well, that's the exciting part !

This year is a big change for me. I'm starting a master's degree, and with it comes a whole new drive to learn new things, build cool stuff, and share it all with you. This blog is all about that journey. Think of it as a digital playground where we can experiment, tinker, and create awesome things together.

Now, let's go back a bit. My love for tech started young. Remember taking apart old electronics (not something my parents loved, sorry !), messing with toy wires that sparked, and spending hours glued to the screen conquering virtual worlds ? Tech, gaming, figuring out how things work (without breaking them !), and electronics – these were the things that got me hooked on all things digital.

At first, cybersecurity was really interesting to me. Protecting information in our digital world seemed like a super important job. But soon, I found I liked building tools even more, even if they could be used for hacking (the good kind, of course !). There's something really satisfying about making something from scratch, a solution that solves a problem in a clever way.

Life can take unexpected turns, though. From 2015 to 2017, I studied English for two years, wanting to become a teacher. It was good effort, but it just wasn't the right fit for me. Let's just say explaining verb tenses while secretly wanting to write code wasn't exactly exciting. So, during all those English lectures, guess what I was doing in my free time? Devouring tech tutorials online, practicing code until my fingers hurt, and basically soaking up all the knowledge I could find.

Thankfully, by 2017, I enrolled in a computer science program. Those three years were a whirlwind of learning. I wasn't just a student; I co-created the computer science club at my university, even leading it for a while. I also did internships to get real-world experience, and even tackled some freelance projects on the side to improve my skills. These experiences were amazing, and helped me understand the tech field even better. They also made me sure I wanted to build a career in tech.

By now, you probably have a good idea of who I am and where I'm coming from. In this blog, I'll be focusing on the kind of stuff I wish I had access to when I was starting out. Think of it as a treasure chest filled with:

  • "Wish I Knew This Before I Started" tips – We've all experienced it, looking at a screen full of error messages or grappling with a new concept. Here, I'll pass on those valuable lessons I gained through experience, aiming to help you avoid some difficulties.

  • Tech tricks (tips) to make your life easier – Life hacks are great, but what about tech hacks ? I'll be sharing clever shortcuts, hidden features, and useful tools to make your digital life smoother.

  • In-depth technical write-ups to learn more – For those who want to understand things better, I'll explain technical concepts in a clear way, with examples from real life.

Consider this blog a friendly hangout spot for anyone who loves the digital world as much as I do. Whether you're a coding pro or just starting your tech journey, there's something for everyone here. And hey, if you have a cool idea you want to work on together, don't be shy – get in touch ! This is going to be a fun ride.

Fun fact, I'm actually French and live in a place where everyone speaks French, so if you ever see some weird French words pop up, don't hesitate to point them out! Think of it as a bonus language lesson.